Sunday, May 20, 2007


Play with MACRO photography again this evening, and now butterflies are my target.

This are what I got from around my house...., not from butterfly park/farm.
Searching the internet (from Singapore Butterflies Check List web site), I got the species name of this lovely blue butterfly - Junonia orithya wallacei This blue is the male.

Butterflies of Malaysia, - by Chin Fah Shin

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Junonia orithya wallacei (below), male
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The creature below looks more like moth than the butterfly..
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Junonia orithya wallacei, female. (below)
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Those rama-rama rested on the wild flowers (bunga rumput), like this photo below.

Reference books about Malaysian Butterflies.

The butterfly song by Ella

Rama-rama - Ella

Seumpama rama-rama
Terbang bebas di udara tanpa ada halangan
Aman damai suka-suka
Riang ria tanpa ada rasa duka sengketa


Ekspresi dirimu menawan hatiku
Ingin aku terbang bersamamu
Melihat kerenah melihat telatah
Manusia yang sering terlaga

Ekspidisi ini bagai tiada henti
Kan menjadi antologi diri
Terhentilah mimpi terhapuslah sepi
Sanubari yang lebih berani

Terminal yang pasti satu fitrah hati
Kerna yang sejati tiada kekal lagi
Terbanglah ke sini mencari abadi
Terbanglah ke mari mencari hakiki

Seumpama rama-rama
Melewati panorama yang penuh warna warni
Taman bunga taman damai
Dengan aksi lincah berputik hidup yang harungi


(ulang *, ** & *** 2x)

This is definitely not butterfly, but an insects doing thing!... :-)

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Do you notice the small ant at the top of this photo?
This fly try to catch it!, oh.. No, fly don't eat ant!
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Musca domestica, from Wikipedia

Wednesday, May 2, 2007


Practice shooting the moon.
Some useful web sites;
Keith's Moon Photography.
Dan Heller's Tutorial of Moon Photographing.
Here another site.

This my first experiment

Exif Data:

* Camera Model = Canon EOS 400D DIGITAL
* Software/Firmware Version = Adobe Photoshop CS2 Windows
* Exposure Time (1 / Shutter Speed) = 1/100 second = 0.01000 second
* Lens F-Number/F-Stop = 16/1 = F16.00
* Exposure Program = manual control (1)
* ISO Speed Ratings = 200
* Original Date/Time = 2007:05:01 22:54:44
* Last Modified Date/Time = 2007:05:02 20:35:04
* Shutter Speed (Exposure Time) = 1/100.00 second
* Exposure Bias (EV) = 0/3 = 0.00
* Metering Mode = average (1)
* Flash = Flash did not fire, compulsory flash mode
* Focal Length = 300/1 mm = 300.00 mm

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Shoot it last night 1st May 2007 (13 rabi-thani 1428 Hijrah), so not yet full moon.
Should be tonight. Using Tamron 70-300mm zoom and edited with Adobe Photoshop CS2.

by tigadee from very clear.
He was using 400mm lens, and expert in editing with Photoshop. I'm still learning the rope!

Momilo, this is specially uploaded for you! Hooo!... heee! ...ayeeee!!

"Do they not see the birds above them, spreading out their wings and folding them in? None upholds them except the Most Beneficent (Allah). Verily, He is the All-Seer of everything".
Surah Al-Mulk (67:19)