19 August 2017

Grasshopper in my Garden

Belalang Kunyit  (Valanga nigricornis) datang ke taman rumah saya
Yellow Grasshopper in my Garden
This yellow Grasshopper visited my garden recently . Hooped on the supporting plastic pole near the Nerium Oleander. It did not touch that poison leaf.
Catch it and put it in the plastic bag, then release it 4km from my garden to ensure it won't be back. 
Grasshopper in my Garden
Saya tangakap, masukan dalam plastik dan lepaskan 4km dari rumah saya. Pasti tak dapat terbang kembali ke rumah  ;)
Final picture before it hopped into the bush. Please don't come back!
Pokok Bunga Mexican Petunia ini menjadi mangsa belalang
This Mexican Petunia leaves are favorite of grasshopper
daun digigit,    bitten leaf
Nothing disturbed this Bougainvilleas
Bougainvilleas - Bunga Kertas
Daun Buga Kertas ini tidak pulak diusik nya.
Baby Grasshopper
ini anak belalng di tembok pagar.
Grasshopper  should eat this grass, instead of that Petunia leaf
Cow Grass - Rumput Lembu
pictures with iPhone 6s