20 April 2019

Common Birds of Srinagar Kashmir

Birding is not my  main activity while traveling in Kashmir. Just a casual observation, and with only wide angle lenses . (17-40mm f4 and 24-70mm f4 Canon lenses).
Here are the common birds around Srinagar town and garden.

Gagak- Jungle Crow foraging in a flowering apple tree.
Tiung - Common Myna
My first lifers was found at the Dal Lake in front if our houseboat - Hooded Crow

Second lifers in the Srinagar Botanical  Garden - Eurasian Jackdaw

Lifer No. 3:  Black Kite

Lifers No 4: Itik -  Little Grebe

 Lifers No 5: Common Moorhen
House Sparrow
Lifer No. 6: Tern
I arrived at the Hazratbal Mosque a few minutes before maghrib /sunset, so all the noisy pigeons are already roosted on  the Chinar trees outside the mosque. .

10 February 2019

Testing Canon EOS 5D Mark IV with EF400mm f/5.6 USM + Tamron SP 1.4x teleconverter

Testing telephoto lens EF400mm f/5.6 L USM + Tamron SP 1.4x white teleconverter at my backyard.
I removed the tape that cover the 2 pins (that I used in 50D camera, so that fool the camera for center auto-focus-non reporting aperture data).
Canon EOS 5D Mark IV have no problem with Tamron 1.4x TC, excellent AF at f8, not only in center but all the 21 cross AF points.
 Bulbul Single, ISO 6500, 1/640sec, f8, focal Length: 560mm
Murai Kampung, ISO 400, 1/400sec, f5.6, 400mm
 Bamboo (Buluh), ISO 1600
 BulBul Pair, ISO 1600, 1/320sec, f8, focal Length: 560mm
 Bunga Raya, ISO 3200, 1/60sec, f8 focal Length: 560mm
 Waterhen (WakWak), ISO 1600, f8, 1/125sec , focal Length: 560mm
Juvenile Tree Sparrow, ISO 1600, 400mm, f8, 1/640 sec

08 February 2019

Greater Coucal in flight with Canon EOS 5D Mark iv

I'm testing EOS 5D Mark IV with UVA (ultra-wide angle) 17-40mm f/4 L zoom lens at backyard, when this Greater Coucal pass by.  Here is a quick reflex one shot at 36mm. That 5D mark iv AF is really fast . I will test it again with 400mm f/5.6 + Tamron SP 1.4x teleconverter later. Can it focus at F 8?
Here are a two samples of 5D Mk IV pics with 17-40mm f4 lens.

I shot in RAW format, and download the files using WIFI and a Camera Connect Application. The 5D Mk IV auto-convert to JPEG files to iPhone, very easy.
The above pic is at 40mm f/5.6, and below at 17mm. Original colour, no processing , just resize for blog
Canon Camera Connect Application. You can get it HERE

11 November 2018

Raub Golf Course Birding - Revisited

Hampir 5 tahun saya tak memburung di Padang Golf Raub.
Kali terakhir adalah pada November 2013 - HERE
Tak banyak perubahan dari segi spesis yang di jumpai, kecuali Burung Belatuk Belakang Kuning ini adalah pertama kali di sini. ( saya pernah  jumpa di Bukit Tinggi)
Buff-rumped Woodpecker (Meiglyptes tristis)
Belatuk Belakang Kuning

Burung Tempua - Baya Weaver (Ploceus philippinus) - female - above pic,
Terkukur - Spotted Dove (Stigmatopelia chinensis) -below

Punai Gading Pink-necked Green Pigeon (Treron vernans) -male above
Burung But-But Besar (Centropus sinensis), singing below

Sambar Asia; Asian Brown Flycatcher (Muscicapa dauurica) -migrant above.
Paddyfield Pipit (Anthus rufulus), below

  Bangau Kecil - Little Egret (Egretta garzetta), flying above
Yellow-vented Bulbul (Pycnonotus goiavier), foraging on bamboo tree below

Another Migrant bird -  Brown Shrike (Lanius cristatus)

A pair of Black-naped Oriole (Oriolus chinensis), below