16 April 2024

White-throated kingfisher Feeding behavior

White-throated kingfisher Feeding behavior
Lotus pond at Temerloh, Malaysia
That white-red is KWSP (Employees' Provident Fund) building

Last week's Aidil-Fitri holiday provided me with the opportunity to capture some bird photography.
There is a small lotus pond near my house (10 minutes walk), beside the KWSP Building on Jalan Persiaran Damai 4.
In an hour, I saw four different bird species. There are two Kingfishers, two water hens, and a Chinese pond heron.
From the car window, I captured this kingfisher in action.
I have seen this species feeding on grasshoppers, frog and lizard, but this is my first time seeing fish as its diet..
A pair of White-throated King Fisher
White-throated kingfisher (Halcyon smyrnensis  perpulchra). The one flapping its wing probably is a male.
A pair of White-throated King Fisher
A pair of White-throated Kingfishers perched openly on two death trees.
A pair of White-throated King Fisher
White-throated kingfisher at Temerloh Pond
Fly over the Lotus plants, (Nelumbo nucifera)
White-throated kingfisher fly over water at Temerloh Pond
Fly parallel over the water, looking for fish.
The white-throated kingfisher did not dive directly into the water but had a preference for catching fish from the water's surface.
White-throated kingfisher tried to catch a fish
Kingfisher fail to catch a fish
Fail, let's try again. Out of three attempts that I saw, only one was successful. (33%)
© copyright Dr. Redzlan Abdul Rahman - White-throated kingfisher failed to catch a fish
Landing a rotten wood not far from my car - look at the eye - nictitating membrane.
White-throated Kingfisher landed near a car -close-up view
Take off to dry the feathers
Kingfisher suscess catch a small fish
Successfully caught a small fish, probably guppy.

01 April 2024

Great Egret at Taman Tasik Raub

Great Egret (Casmerodius alba modestus)
First time see this big bird in Raub.

Great Eagret head picture at Raub Lake Garden
Great Egret head and bill characteristics.
The dagger mark (gape line) that extends behind the eye.

Great Eagret at Raub Lake Garden - catalk like a primadonna model, model wearing white outfits
Great Egret on the orange coloured concrete platform in the middle of Raub Lake.
Non-breeding plumage black legs 
Great Eagret at Raub Lake Garden standing a concrete platform at Taman Tasik Raub
A small yellow bump or callous on the left leg.

Great Eagret fly over water at Raub Lake Garden
It flew away when I approached. 

Great Eagret at Raub Lake Garden
Wadding in shallow water. It has been dry and hot recently.

Great Eagret on the water at Raub Lake Garden
A bird lifts itself out off the water.

Great Eagret landed on a dam at Raub Lake Garden
It landed at the concrete dam on the far side of the lake.

Great Eagret and little egret at Raub Lake Garden
Compare the sizes. Greater on the left and little on the right.

29 March 2024

White-bellied Sea Eagle harass by crow at Raub Lake

I was taking a photo of an egret at Taman Tasik Raub yesterday afternoon when I heard a loud commotion. 
A White-bellied Sea Eagle (Icthyophaga leucogaster) was being harassed by a Large-billed Crow.
This is my first time seeing a Sea Eagle in Raub. It's common habitat is in coastal areas, and inland (like Raub) waterbodies.
sub-adults variably greyish-brown underparts
Sub-adult White-bellied Sea Eagle, still patches of brown at the neck.
Jungle crows are not common in this small town, unlike big cities like Kuala Lumpur where crows are a pest. Here, crows are usually seen in big trees and high telecommunication towers.

White-bellied Sea Eagle harass by crow at Raub Lake
 The crow chased the eagle into the tree.

White-bellied Sea Eagle harass by crow at Raub Lake
White-bellied Sea Eagle trying to defend attacked by Crow 

White-bellied Sea Eagle harass by crow at Raub Lake
mid-air fight
 Apparently, this type of fight is common between eagles and crows. Maybe to protect their nest and territories.
White-bellied Sea Eagle harass by crow at Raub Lake
Sea Eagle didn't want to waste time and energy; he just flew away.

White-bellied Sea Eagle harass by crow at Raub Lake
A Large-billed crow (Corvus macrorhynchos macrorhynchos) claims victory.

16 March 2024

Bald Common Myna - Tiung Kepala Botak

Yellow funky "botak-head", looks like vultures.
Cause: Unknown
I photographed it in Temeroh, just outside my perimeter fence. 
Bald common Myna
Common Mynas (Acridotheres tristis tristis)

Bald Myna
Bald Common Myna
Feeding on a Lesser Spear grass,(Chrysopogon aciculatus). Rumput kemuncup
bald Common Myna
doing their activity normally