17 January 2007

Nokia N95 with built-in GPSr

New Nokia 95
A GPS is integrated into the device with anticipated accuracy of around 10m (satellite signal permitting). The devices will ship with an application called Maps which has global overview maps built in. More detailed maps (with coverage over more than 100 different countries available) can be downloaded for free from an online server. The detail available varies from country to country, but in many cases it is available down to street level. A point of interest (POI) database is also included. All the maps are available for free, as is basic route planning, but navigation functionality (with voice and on screen prompts) will be available as a pay-for add on. City Guides will also be available for purchase and other services are likely to be made available in the future. The mapping software and services is likely to based on technology from gate5, a company which Nokia recently announced it was acquiring.

11 January 2007

PDA with built-in/intergrated GPS receiver

Here are the list of PDA that have built-in GPSr
1) Mitac Mio 168
2) Asus P535, now bundled with Map King 2007 and Mini SD 1GB, price RM2888
3) Asus MyPal A636
4) Acer N35
5) Fujitsu Siemens N560 Pocket PC
6) Mio A701

This list is not in any particular order of popularity.
I own none of those PDSs above, though wish to get the no. 2 one, but my iPAQ 4700 is still in good condition.

03 January 2007

1st Day Schooling

The school session in all states, except Kedah, Kelantan and Terengganu, begins today.