30 August 2007

SEMUDRA ~ Diambang Merdeka 2007

Acara Ambang Merdeka di
Sek. Men. Keb. Mahmud, Raub - malam tadi

29 August 2007

27 August 2007


25 August 2007

Raub Fireworks

It's Merdeka Celebration Week, 5oth Independence day of Malaysia.
My first attempt at Fireworks photography tonight, and I failed miserably.
I was raining /drizzle throughout the evening, so very difficult to find the suitable place to put the tripod. I sat too near the launch pad area (at Raub Rest House), and fumbled when the first shoot occurred.

Anyway, here are the few samples.

The launch area was in front of Dewan Jublee Raub.
The view from this hilltop is the best. I already planned to climb this small hill, but rain spoiled it.

This what I imagine of fireworks view from top of the hill, with Jubilee Hall in the foreground and Bangunan Plaza at the background. What a beautiful picture!.

If you view the Exif Data, my shoot shutter time is only 1-2 secs, which are inadequate.
We need at least 4 to 6 seconds exposure to get the nice firework. I know all the theory and have all the hardwares, next time I'll do it better. Now I have the experience, or rather a bad experience.
My biggest mistake was sitting to near to fireworks site, and saw it above me. So the key word is LOCATION!
(never mind, we learn from mistake!)

The easiest site was putting the tripod at this Bangunan Plaza Gunasama, and parked my car in the Mosque compound, but that huge stadium like flood light was too bright and may produce a glare into the camera lens.