30 September 2007


This is what my setup for bird photography soon...
400mm f5,6 L prime lens with Better Beamer flash extender. 'L' is for luxury!

The white lens is a Canon Trademark for long telephoto. Compare with Nikon's and other brand black lenses.

My setup now, Tamron 70-300mm f4-5.6
The white thing is Tamron 1.4x TC (Teleconverter)

28 September 2007


The same King Fisher
White-throated Kingfisher- Pekaka Dada Putih

Testing my new Tamron 1.4x SP TC,
Now my 70-300mm f4-5.6 became 98-420mm f5.6-8. It can't still auto-focus, but hunting madly in low light. I can't wait for my Canon 400mm f5.6 couple with 1.4x TC =560mm f8. It may no AF, but I can tape the 3 pins to fool the camera.

Watch this space for new image.... sooon!


After waiting for more that half an hour, no birds came close to my backyard. Nearly 8:00am, hurry time to go to work. So I took this ripe banana and put it near my back door, about 5 feet from my camera, pre-focused to that banana bunch. I hide behind the door with a shutter release cable in my hand.

Sure enough, this Yellow Vented Bulbul takes a bite. Managed to shoot 5 frames before she heard the camera shutter and flew away.

Looking....., nobody around...

Let's have a look!

Wow! nice and ripe.

(why not choose the fresh one?)

This type of bird photography is unethical.
We should not feed a wildlife/birds.
But this bird is so abundant around my house and they used to feed with this type of banana (also around my back yard). This banana is ripe and I don't think have any disease.
Anyway this is the link to Birding Ethics

27 September 2007

16th Ramadhan's Moon

Took this tonight after Taraweh Prayer @ 9:53pm

Time flies so fast..., it's only two weeks to perform our fasting obligation.
Last ten days of Ramadhan are where Lailatul Qadar will occur.

Allah says in what can be translated as :

"Verily! We have sent it (this Qur'aan) down in the Night of Decree (Lailatul-Qadr). And what will make you know what the Night of Decree is? The Night of Decree is better than a thousand months. Therein descend the angels and the Rooh (ie. Jibreel [Gabriel]) by Allaah's Permission with all Decrees, Peace! until the appearance of dawn." [Al-Quraan:97:1-5]

26 September 2007

How to blur and get f/1.0 bokeh?

Here the "tutorial" from PhotoMalaysia.com

The original picture please scroll down below.

21 September 2007


Fantail (Murai Gila) visits my house this morning. This bird is really "Gila", never stay still-jumping around. Very difficult to photograph. In cloudy, misty morning, the shutter speed is so low 1/8 to1/13, with 300mm and f6.3 for sure the pictures are blurred. For my record /lifer here are the pics.

Pied Fantail (Rhipidura javanica)
Murai Gila

Very shaky picture- double vision of wire fence.

19 September 2007

400mm f5.6 "L" Prime lens

This Canon EF 400mm f5.6 USM L lens is the minimum requirement for bird photography.
The discussion about bird lenses at PhotoMalaysia forum .

Max. Diameter x Length, Weight
3.5" x 10.1", 2.8 lbs. / 90.0 x 256.5mm, 1250g

13 September 2007

Selamat Menyambut Ramadhan Al-Mubarak

Watch your diet & health during ramadhan

These  are collection of my birds in 'action'- at my backyard.
Taken with my humble Tamron 70-300mm zoom lens.
Most of it at wide open f5.6 and high ISO 400 and more, to maintain high shutter speed.
Add that with heavy crop, so the resulting pics are grainy.
My priority now is identify the birds. The next level is quality pics.
May be with those 400mm L lens above.

Brown-throated Sunbird - Kelicap Mayang Kelapa - Male

Hanging doing gymnastic!

Scaly Breasted Munia- Pipit Pinang

"Ops.. you are watching me!"

Black-naped oriole -Dendang Selayang/Kunyit Besar

Going separate way?

Eurasian Tree Sparrow -Ciak Rumah

"I fly first!"

Oriental Magpie Robin - Murai

"I got it!"

Oriental Magpie Robin - Murai

"Hei!... don't bite my but!"

Brown-throated Sunbird - Kelicap Mayang Kelapa

"What inside that leaf?"

Common Iora - Burung Kunyit Kecil

"On your mark!, Get set!, GO!"

Common Myna- Tiong Gembala Kerbau

"Can this banana leave support me?"

Jungle Myna- Tiung Sawah

"What up doc?"

Jungle Myna- Tiung Sawah

"Ah... this grass is so thick!"

Yellow vented bulbul-Merbah Kapur

"Where is my mate?"

Yellow vented bulbul-Merbah Kapur

"Can you see my wing mate?"

Zebra Dove - Merbuk

"Ohh... so hot here!"

Brown-throated Sunbird - Kelicap Mayang Kelapa, Juvenile


Brown-throated Sunbird - Kelicap Mayang Kelapa, Juvenile

"Any insect in that wire?"

White-throated Kingfisher- Pekaka Dada Putih

"I got a lunch!"

White-throated Kingfisher- Pekaka Dada Putih

"Gulp..gulp..Help me!"

CopperSmith Barbet- Takur Akar

"Come land here my friend!"

Telecommunication Tower

Oriental Pied Hornbill- Kelengking

"My beautiful wing"

Rainbow at tower

Pacific Swallow - Layang-layang Pasifik

"Don't sit there, let fly!"

Yellow vented bulbul-Merbah Kapur