31 May 2009


I have not seen this Little Egret (Egretta garzetta) at my back yard this week. They probably went back to their breeding ground up north.
Goodbye and have a lot of chicks ;)
Little Egret (Egretta garzetta)

30 May 2009

Hamba Kera - Greater Racquet-tailed Drongo

Greater Racquet-tailed Drongo
Greater Racquet-tailed Drongo (Dicrurus paradiseus)
Greater Racquet-tailed Drongo
Greater Racquet-tailed Drongo

29 May 2009

SkyWatch at Taman Negara

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Morning mist at Kuala Tahan
6.30 am at Kuala Tahan National Park jetty
Morning mist at Kuala Tahan.
Rain Forest
10.42am inside the Jenut Muda trail
Rain Forest
It's a school holiday in Malaysia now. So, I will bring my children for a short break to a neighboring country. I just do an advanced/scheduled posting for the next four days.

28 May 2009

Buff-necked Woodpecker at Kuala Tahan National park

Lifer no. 3

Buff-necked Woodpecker
Buff-necked Woodpecker (Meiglyptes tukki)
Buff-necked Woodpecker
Don't delete that blur picture, because sometime it will be very valuable as in this case.
I shot only this two frames, one blurry and another with half of the bird's body hidden by tree trunk.
This pic shows the characteristic ID - pale yellow/buff at the neck and red sub-moustachial for male species.
Buff-necked WoodpeckerLocal name: Belatuk Leher Kuning

27 May 2009

Water Wednesday - Pahang National Park

Boat at Taman Negara Pahang
Water or River
Water or River
Water wednesday

Taman Negara Kuala Tahan- Black-and-red Broadbill

Lifer no. 2 - Burung Rakit

Black-and-red Broadbill
Black-and-red Broadbill (Cymbirhynchus macrochynchus)
Black-and-red Broadbill
Black-and-red Broadbill carrying nesting material
Black-and-red Broadbill
I saw this couple across the river at Lubuk Simpon
Black-and-red Broadbill

26 May 2009

Kuala Tahan National Park - One Day Trip - Bird Photography

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Boat at Taman Negara Kuala Tahan

After seeing Yen posting his beautiful Great Argus pictures photographed at National park at Kuala Tahan Pahang @ 17/5. I am tempted to find that bird too. I'm from Pahang, and that Taman Negara (National Park) situated in my home state, and I have never been there.
So, on Sunday morning 24/5 I made an early start to that place. I reached there at 6.30am, nobody at Kuala Tahan wakeup except for a few boatman!.
Very eager to start birding, I immediately tracked the Lubuk Simpon trail at 7.30am. By 7.40 I encounter my first lifer - The Crested Fireback. Three male bird foraged in the dark trail, so with limited lighting focusing was very challenging.

Crested Fireback Lophura ignita rufa - Adult maleThis are the blurry record shots.
Crested Fireback Lophura ignita rufa Crested Fireback (Lophura ignita rufa) - adult male
Crested Fireback Ayam Pegar
Local name: Ayam Pegar
Crested Fireback Lophura ignita rufaBlack-naped Monarch Hypothymis azurea prophata This Black-naped Monarch (Hypothymis azurea), nesting very near the wooden platform at Lubuk Simpon trail. When Yen saw it on 17/5, the birds were busy making the nest. Now the nest has been completed, and the male start incubating.
Picture by Yen - nest building 17/5/2009 and feeding the chicks 15/6/2009
The bird just sit quietly in the nest, did not afraid of me. For this full-framed pic, I have to back track to position my camera for 400mm minimum focusing distance of 3.5m.
Black-naped Monarch
Black-naped Monarch (Hypothymis azurea)
Black-naped Monarch Hypothymis azurea prophata Motorized Sampan at Kuala Tahan

Motorized sampan transporting tourists to Taman Negara, Pahang.
Boat at Kuala Tahan, Pahang

Did I get the Great Argus?
No luck, trekking at that Jenut Muda trail was very challenging (for old man like me) with so many up&down hill. Heard loud call of this big bird everywhere, but none appear on the trail/open area. I give-up after waiting for 45 minutes (some more, I'm afraid of sitting alone at 3.5km inside the dark forest!). Next time maybe...

25 May 2009

Brown-throated Sunbird at Cheery tree

continuing the Cheery tree series...
Brown-throated Sunbird
Brown-throated Sunbird (Anthreptes malaccensis) - male
Brown-throated Sunbird
Brown-throated Sunbird

24 May 2009

Scarlet-backed Flowerpecker feeding Cherry fruits

..at the same tree from yesterday post.

Scarlet-backed Flowerpecker (Dicaeum cruentatum) -male
Scarlet-backed Flowerpecker (Dicaeum cruentatum) -male
Scarlet-backed Flowerpecker (Dicaeum cruentatum) -male
Scarlet-backed Flowerpecker (Dicaeum cruentatum) -maleLocal name: Sepah Puteri Merah, Size: 8cm

23 May 2009

Orange-bellied Flowerpecker at Cherry tree

Orange-bellied Flowerpecker
Orange-bellied Flowerpecker (Dicaeum trigonostigma) - male
Orange-bellied FlowerpeckerI found this beautiful tiny bird feeding on cherry fruits at a car park near the Raub Session Court. I male bird is beautiful compare to female (grey and just a little yellow at the underpart).
Orange-bellied FlowerpeckerCherry fruits (Muntingia calabura)
Orange-bellied Flowerpecker
Local name: Sepah Puteri Dada oren, Size: 9cm
Orange-bellied Flowerpecker

22 May 2009

One Sunday morning at Mempaga - SkyWatch Friday

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I took this picture on Sunday morning at a straight road in Mempaga, Pahang.
Straight road at Mampaga
Please do not follow what I did - taking pictures while driving!
Straight road at MampagaThis was photographed earlier at Temerloh
Hibiscus and Sky Watch Friday

21 May 2009

Siput Babi - Garden Snail

Garden Snail
Siput Babi - (Achatina fulica)
Garden SnailPhotographed this big snail at my front gate.
Garden Snail