07 April 2013

Birds from Japan

 Mejiro,  Japanese White-eye -perched on Bunga Sakura -Cherry blossoms
This are collection of bird pictures that was captured during my recent visit to Kobe Japan
Not mine, actually by my new friend - Abd Jamal Abd Hadi, a Freelance Japanese interpreter/translator
He photographed this with Olympus-SP72oUZ, equipped with a 26mm wide-angle to 676mm super-telephoto. Amazing compact camera.
All this birds were photographed  in Osaka, Japan. Working as a  translator, he usually accompanied Malaysian factory staff on training in Japan. In his free time, he walked outside and found a river flows through the factory compound  . On the river bank there are a lot of Sakura trees in full blossoms, this attract a lot of birds, especially this beautiful yellow white-eye.

Siberian Thrush -female
Japanese Thrush
Blue Rock Thrush - male
Hawfinch - pink beak - non-breeding
Daurian Redstart-male
Little Egret
 Bird Sculpture
Birds Silhouette
Spot-billed Duck
Pigeon taken at Kobe - sewage cover
Colourful tree
 ?White Wagtail
White-cheeked Starling

all pics by: Abd Jamal Abd Hadi.

06 April 2013

Rural and Town Crows

Gagak Gunung dan Gagak Bandar
Green Magpie
House Crow(Corvus splendens)