25 December 2016

Forgoten Pictures -Happy Holidays

Zigzag flowers
Common names: Devil's Backbone, Jacob's Ladder, Zig-zag Plant, Redbird Flower/Cactus, Christmas Candle, Slipper Spurge/Plant, Japanese Poinsettia. Malay - Pokok Lipan

 Baby / Juvenile Brown-throated Sunbird
 Female Brown-throated Sunbird and Male (below)

29 November 2016

Burung Biasa di Belakang Rumah - Common Backyard Birds

Murai Kampung - Oriental Magpie Robin - Juvenile (above), and adult male perched on a Guava tree branches
Yellow Vented Bulbul - flying away from a car's side mirror and a Papaya tree
Common Iora singing on a Mangoo Tree
Pipit Pinang - Scaly-breasted Munia (Lonchura punctulata) - Juvenile (above on a parameter fence). Adult below
Eating a Guinea Grass / Buffalo grass (Panicum maximum) seeds
Spiderhunter search for nectar on a Banana Flower
Asian Glossy Starling dancing on a banana leaf midrib
Tailor Bird stalking on a Mangoo leaf
Terkukur'  Spotted Dove (Stigmatopelia chinensis)
Water Hen
Dragonfly on a Tridax Daisy / Coatbuttons  flower, and the Photographer who captured the above pics

27 November 2016

Rama-rama Terbang - Butterfly Fly Away

 Striped Albatross (Appias libythea olferna) - female (above)
Blue Pansy (Junonia orithya wallacei) - female . Rama-rama jantan berwarna biru

26 October 2016

First Bird Pictures with 400mm f5.6

Birding in history - after 8 years
These two Common Iora pictures were taken by my son - Firdaus on 26 October 2007, the first day when the new lenses arrived.
Common Iora on a rambutan tree

30 September 2016

28 July 2016

Burung Serindit di Pokok Durian

Serindit dan Merbah Kapur
Blue-crowned hanging parrot (Loriculus galgulus)

male above and female below

Juvenile bird eating Oil Palm Fruit by Francis Yap

01 July 2016


30 June 2016