30 April 2019

Blue throated Bee-Eater fell down

My clinic assistant found this Blue-throated Bee-Eater at her backyard.
She brings it to me for identification. I said this bird eats bee and insect.
The bird refuses to eat anything, and die after two days.

20 April 2019

Common Birds of Srinagar Kashmir

Birding is not my  main activity while traveling in Kashmir. Just a casual observation, and with only wide angle lenses . (17-40mm f4 and 24-70mm f4 Canon lenses).
Here are the common birds around Srinagar town and garden.

Gagak- Jungle Crow foraging in a flowering apple tree.
Tiung - Common Myna
My first lifers was found at the Dal Lake in front if our houseboat - Hooded Crow

Second lifers in the Srinagar Botanical  Garden - Eurasian Jackdaw

Lifer No. 3:  Black Kite

Lifers No 4: Itik -  Little Grebe

 Lifers No 5: Common Moorhen
House Sparrow
Lifer No. 6: Tern
I arrived at the Hazratbal Mosque a few minutes before maghrib /sunset, so all the noisy pigeons are already roosted on  the Chinar trees outside the mosque. .