29 February 2008

My photo in BESGroup website

I have contributed a few images (Coppersmith Barbet: Courtship and mating) from here to BESGroup website.

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Happy Leap year

This Bee Eater just leaping from the dead branch, hunting for insect

28 February 2008

CommonTailor Bird

Common Tailorbird
(Orthotomus sutorius)
Long-tailed Tailorbird,
Laki Padi/Perenjak Pisang

I watch this small bird (13 cm), singing a monotonous loud -chip, chip sound for over 15 minutes this evening. Leaping around as if searching for a mate. Maybe this is a male with breading plumage.

(Male has long central tail feathers in the breeding season).


Reference from Sg. Buluh Nature Park site.

Pond Heron

Mr. and Mrs. Pecker

25 February 2008

Merops viridis feeding time

I have been trying to photograph this Blue-throated Bee-eater feeding behavior for sometime but unsuccessfully, because they move very fast. This evening I got my record shot.

This black butterfly was big, and it took a while for him to swallow it. This give me time to focus and shot.

Bee-eaters hunt mainly by keeping watch for flying insects from a perch. The insect is snapped up in the bill, then the bird returns to the perch.

It knocks the prey against the perch/tree branch until it is inactive or killed before swallow the whole insect.

Original Date/Time = 2007:11:29 13:31:55

Actually I got one shot of this bird with prey last year.
I think this Bee Eater got the real bee.

Woodpecker Courtship

This evening I heard a noisy bird call and immediately notice two woodpecker flying and jumping one chasing the other. I quickly took my camera and managed to capture this few images, before they flew away.

Woodpecker -Common Flameback -Belatuk Pinang Kecil
(Dinopium javanense)

Female (above) and male with red skull cap.

This female look like 'hiding' from her mate by clutching tightly to the branch. Actually she was knocking her bill against the tree bark.
Woodpecker uses drumming as the primary source for attracting and communicating with potential mates

24 February 2008

Anis Solehah

I haven't photograph non-birds subject for a while now.
This evening, my niece Anis Suhada came and visited us.
She is 7 months old, very cute and have an infectious smile and laughter.
What a lovely little baby!
Here are a few candid photos of her;

Anis and Mak Tok

Anis and Muhammad Hanis

Oriole at banana leaf

Black-naped oriole -Dendang Selayang/Kunyit Besar
(Oriolus chinensis)

This pair was searching for food - the larva from that rolled banana leaf. She hang by that leaf and tried to pull it over, but unsuccessful. That 'banana rolled' was too tough for her.

This image was taken earlier (10/1/2008), shows the oriole successfully pulled it and in the process of extracting the larvae.