01 May 2008

Birds Feeding Fiesta

Birds feed on Termite swarmers that attracted to the street light in front of my house.
Here the list of birds that feed on the ground.
1. Common Myna
2. Javan Myna
3. House Sparrow
4. Scally Breasted Munia
5. Asian Glossy Starling
6. Oriental magpie Robin

I didn't see the Yellow-vented Bulbul joining the foray.

Scally breasted Munia

This is the first time that I see Asian Glossy feeding on the ground

Juvenile Eurasian Tree Sparrow

Javan Myna

Oriental Magpie Robin - male

Common Myna


Anonymous said...

Can you let me know the date and time of the feasting? Does the termite hatch occurs regularly? Any images of the masses of dead termites on the ground to share?

Tabib said...

# Original Date/Time = 2008:05:01 08:11:56

I woke-up late that holiday (1st may) morning (late night stayed for Chelsea game!). I heard a loud noise in front of my house, and noticed that party in progress.
The termite hatch occurs quite regularly especially if there is a rain in the evening or at night. The termite will fly into the house and into our cups and soup!.
NO, didn't take the photo of the termite at all in that photo shooting frenzy.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info. Look out for the posting in BESG's blog next week.