02 May 2008

Gold-whiskered Barbet eating Eurasian Tree Sparrow

I didn't believed my eyes when I saw this.
The Gold-whiskered Barbet (Megalaima chrysopogon) caught the bird (Eurasian Tree Sparrow) as its breakfast.

There are 140 frames of this feeding action on my CF card. (I will upload the series later).

Local name: Takur Pipi Kuning
Size (cm): 30
Habitat: Forests, forest edge, wooded areas
Distribution Peninsular Malaysia: Resident (Totally Protected)
Sarawak: Resident
Sabah: Resident

(Reference: BirdingMalaysia.com )
Original Date/Time = 2008:05:02 07:36:52
The largest of all Barbets at 30 cm. I search the internet, no body mention "bird" as it food, so this is probably a record or new documentation for this bird.

This is the final and last frame in the series.
The bird flew away to finished it off, or maybe giving to its chick.

(no time to process all the pictures!).

Original Date/Time = 2008:05:02 07:48:32

Action lasted for about 12 minutes

This frames show the ID of prey.
(no doubt, it is Eurasian Tree Sparrow).

The same bird turn prey posted at AWA Bird forum here.


the scrabbler said...

Iyewwww.... the bird has gone cannibalized?

Redzlan said...

Yes, I think this a first pictorial observation/documentation of this kind of food by this bird.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it is a first for the Gold-whiskered. There is a report of a Lineated eating birds' eggs and nestling. Excellent documentation. What a backyard! Full of excitement!