16 September 2008

Zebra Dove - Merbuk - Mating Documentation

This birds pictures was features in the "I and the Bird #85 - The Show Must Go On"
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Mating Behavior of Zebra Dove - (Geopelia striata) - MerbukI had a chance to witness this Zebra Dove in the mating act, yesterday at 6.39PM.
It was just a fast grabbed shot. I forgot to add the +2 compensation for white back ground, so the image was underexposed. I tried to salvaged it with Adobe Photoshop, heavily croped. This is three frame out of five.

Mating Behavior of Zebra Dove - (Geopelia striata) - Merbuk
Mating Behavior of Zebra Dove - (Geopelia striata) - MerbukScientific name: (Geopelia striata)
Other common name:
Peaceful Dove, Barred Ground Dove,
Merbok/Perkutut/Balam (Malay)


Amila Salgado said...

Great paparazzi work!
I hope are ready for the big celebrations tomorrow!

Enjoy it!

Jordan Sitorus said...

Agreed! Great work. Juz look at the happy male...LOL

Anonymous said...

That's interesting. We have the Zebra Dove here in Hawaii, too. They "coo" all the time! Here is a photo of one on my blog.

Anonymous said...

It looks like they're both pretty happy to me!