Thursday, October 16, 2008

Black-napped Oriole flying and the Moon an Art Experimentation

I tried to create the flying bird with the moon at the background, like my eagle picture that I shot at Kemasik Terengganu last month. This is my experimentation with superimposed image

Final Image of Black-napped Oriole Superimposed with the MoonThe final image - superimpose moon and the bird

Daylight Moon at Raub MalaysiaThis moon image was captured the day before.

Black-naped Oriole image croped and size adjustedImage croped and adjusted the size to include the front space for the bird to fly into

The original bird picture Oriole jumping from dead branchThis is the original image of Black-naped Oriole jumping from the dead branch


Gallicissa said...

Not a bad creation!
Things the computers can do!

uncleawang said...

The beauty of today gadget.I normaly use photoscape & picasa for editing
it's free download.
Photoshop lansung tak faham...
good try anyway.
So happy birding this weekend.