Saturday, December 26, 2009

Birding at MS Garden Hotel Kuantan

Male Pink-necked Green Pigeon at MS Garden Hotel Kuantan
I was surprised to find this 'Burung Punai' -Pink-necked Green Pigeon (Treron vernans) at the busy area, just outside the MS Garden Hotel swimming pool.
Apparently this bird roost at this "Beremban Bukit' tree - Duabanga grandiflora.

Female Pink-necked Green Pigeon (Treron vernans)
Female Pigeon at 'Jambu Batu' tree - Psidium guajava.
I took this picture from first floor balcony, using towel as a support for my lens.

Glossy Starling and Brown Shrike
This common winter migrant - Brown Shrike, foraging with Asian Glossy Starling at dead tree.

White-Bellied Sea Eagle
Spotted this White-Bellied Sea Eagle very far away, about 1km from the hotel, flew over the Kuantan River.
I also saw Oriental Pied Hornbill not far from the Hotel's car park.

Sea Eagle


rainfield61 said...

You are very lucky to see a Burung Punai even inside a hotel.

eileeninmd said...

What a beautiful pigeon. The colors are so pretty.

Quilt Works said...


... "Merry Christmas!"

ad said...

Nature speaks itself.Beautiful Birds you have really done a great job.
the marcel at gramercy hotel

agoez said...

Wow....Very Sharp

Phil said...

White bellied Sea Eagle - fantastic. I remember watching them in Langkawi on holiday at Perdana, and one day in particular when I watched one catch a Little Egret - majestic.

Lois said...

I saw one of those green pigeons at Animal Kingdom at Walt DisneyWorld! Beautiful!

Tony nile life said...

Nice ones , that pigeon looks well camouflaged.