Saturday, December 19, 2009

Lucky 18 - Green Magpie

I went to Fraser's Hill again yesterday, took the opportunity of public holiday of Maal Hijrah (1st day of Islamic Calender).
I was late, arrived at the Jelai Resort at 7.30am. The weather was cloudy and misty.
Met an English couple birder there. They had been there since 7.0am waiting for this green bird.
They told me that the street lamps at that resort was not on, so no insects to attract the birds. As luck was with us, the green bird appeared with a bird wave at 7.35am. I took a few shots without flash, (can't use it in the cloudy misty condition). The couple was very satisfied with the great view, and went birding to another location after saying bye-bye to me.

Only when the pictures were downloaded at the computer, that I realized the bird was at the same perch as at 18 October 2009.
I don't believe in number that are lucky or otherwise, but this number 18 will always be in my mind for those beautiful Green Magpie.

Green Magpie - Lucky 18

Green Magpie

This was photographed on October 18. If you don't believe me please view the EXIF data. ;)

Magpie Robin


Chris said...

Fantastic bird and gorgeous picture Tabib. I can see you do not have that much light neither but at least you have colorful birds!

eileeninmd said...

What a cool looking bird. The first photo is just excellent.

Jordan Sitorus said...

One handsome looking bird the Tabib! Very lucky indeed.

madibirder said...


rainfield61 said...

Lucky 18.

If you observe closely, I like to upload my post at 08, 18 or other 8 related minutes.

Lucky number, to get this beautiful bird.

Steve Borichevsky said...

This is a very spectacular bird. Wow.

biologion said...

this birds has amazing colours!!wow!!
very beutiful captures

Quilt Works said...

Wwo, magpie is such a pretty bird. Incredible coloring!

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Anonymous said...