Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Oiseaux communs d'arrière-cour

Hope I got the right French words here. ;)

Pied Fantail -Backyard variety
Rose des vents pie

Magpie Robin Feeding
Pie orientale Robin - alimentation

Common Bulbul at Backyard
I got three version of translation for this "Yellow-vented Bulbul". Don't know which one is right.
Bulbul Jaune-exhalé, or Bulbul Déchargé de jaune or Jaune-ventilé Bulbul

Common Myna Foraging
Myna Commun

Common Myna Penetrative Vision
Vue Penetrative


Neil said...

Great photos love the colour the fantail is similar to our Grey Fantail.

Autumn Belle @ KDP said...

The myna in the last picture looks angry. I won't disturb him.

Tony nile life said...

The last one looks like he is quite angry with you taking its photo.
or it may be puzzled at why you are taking its photo.
all are lovely shots thanks for sharing .

Serge Cornillet said...

Hi Tabib,
It's been a long time, nice pictures. Je vois des commentaires en français. Your son has a good teacher.

madibirder said...

Photos agréables. Clair et pointu. Quand le voyage suivant est à Kemensah ? Pardon my French!

rainfield61 said...

Hey Myna, don't you think you are different!! You are just an ordinary bird.

Lois said...

He looks a little angry in that last shot!

Quilt Works said...

Great collections of birds!
How didyou get so close?