30 April 2010

Malaysia HeliStar - Eurocopter AS 350B2 Ecureuil

I photographed this Helicopter, registration no. 9M-BSS ( Eurocopter AS 350B2 Ecureuil), about to land at Raub's Padang while birding last Saturday.

Eurocopter AS-350B-2

Look at that pilot, staring at me. He must have thought someone about to launch a missile at his aircraft. ;)

Yes, as Rainfied said Blue Dragon transformed into Helicopter

Malaysia HeliStar - 9M-BSS- Eurocopter AS-350B-2

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29 April 2010

Food for my baby

Yellow-vented Bulbul and insect
Merbah Kapur dan labah-labah - Yellow-vented Bulbul and Spider

Merbah Kapur

28 April 2010

Knight's Star - Hippeastrum Vittatum

Family: Amaryllidaceae - Hippeastrum Vittatum hybrtid

Kau Bunga Ku!
Old and new

27 April 2010

Juvenile Scaly Breasted Munia

JUvenile Munia
Scaly-breasted Munia (Lonchura punctulata)

JUvenile Scally-breasted Munia

26 April 2010

Bunga Ulam Raja - King's Salad Flower

Bunga Ulam Raja - Cosmos caudatus

Bunga Ulam Raja (Cosmos caudatus)

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24 April 2010

Mulut Murai

Mulut Murai = Chatterbox = An obnoxious and foolish and loquacious talker.

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Recorded by Patrik Ã…berg from Xeno-canto Asia.

Burung Murai

Murai, Magpie Robin - female
Murai - Oriental Magpie Robin -female (above) and male (below)
Murai jantan

23 April 2010

Watching the Dollar

Dollar Bird - Tiong Batu (Eurystomus orientalis)

Dollar Bird

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22 April 2010

Gallus gallus domesticus - Rooster

Galus galus
Sorry for cut off left leg, very rare that I got full-frame pictures like this.

Ayam Jantan -Rooster

21 April 2010

Mati Katak - Dying in vain

Tried to photograph the Kingfisher in flight while entering the hole, but unsuccessful.
The bird was so fast and my reaction was so s-l-o-w, out of frustration, I just post this roadkill.

Mati Katak

19 April 2010

Nest of White-breasted Kingfisher

While walking to my car parked at the open space near the Raub Magistrate building, I noticed Kingfisher flew in and out of the plastic tunnel at the retaining wall.
I did carry a camera, so I rushed back home and this are a few pictures that I got. Waited for nearly one hour in the hot afternoon sun trying to capture the King in his nest, but he didn't show up. Tomorrow I will carry a camera and try again..

That plastic is a weep hole that suppose to drain water, but it is dry in the now hot dry season.
The nest is at about 7 feet high and very near the road that I parked my car daily.

16 April 2010

In the Golden Evening Light

Female Baya Weaver in late afternoon light
Baya Weaver (Ploceus philippinus) - female

Female Baya Weaver
Local name: Burung Tempua
Habitat: Open grassland

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15 April 2010


Wild Boar (Sus scrofa) crossing the road to fairway.

Babi Hutan
Babi Hutan

13 April 2010

Problem Add Image from Firefox - solved

I was having problem uploading pictures to blogspot site for the past few days.
Now the problems solved.
There is conflict between the ZoneAlarm and Firefox.
Disabled the ZoneAlarm at Tools>Add-ons

Firefox and ZoneAlarm conflict

Zone Alarm Problem

12 April 2010

First outing in two months

Argh!!!..I can't upload picture!!!! :(
Can't upload with Mozilla Firefox 3.6 browser that I normally did.
Changed to M$ Internet Explorer and here the pics.

My first time birding outside my backyard since suffering from Acute Appendicitis during Chinese new year (Feb 14). Not that I'm unwell (the wound healed in two weeks), but been busy etc.
Yesterday I went to my usual watering hole - Raub Golf course, looking for Baya Weaver.
This are what I got for one hour (6-7pm) birding.

Baya Weaver
Male Baya Weaver (above) singing/calling for female to inspect and approve his nest.

Female Baya Weaver

10 April 2010

Forgoten Friday Birds

Somehow I cannot upload these birds with sky background on Friday.

King Fisher

Juvenile Oriole

09 April 2010

Wing and clouds

Morning clouds over Sumatra.
an old picture taken by my daughter during her visit to Padang, Sumatra in May 2008.

AirAsia wing and clouds over Sumatra

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06 April 2010

Raja dan Kelkatu - King Fisher and termite swarmers

White-throated Kingfisher diving for food
White-throated Kingfisher (Halcyon smymensis)
White-throated Kingfisher (Halcyon smymensis)Local name: Pekaka Dada Putih
Pekaka Dada Putih dengan Kelkatu
King Fisher taking off
I got it!This what the King looking after..
Kelkatu -Termite Swammer

05 April 2010

Yellow-vented Bulbul recycle nest material

This bulbul was not weaving her nest, but taking the nesting material from an old Oriole nest.

Yellow-vented Bulbul recycle nesting material from old Oriole nest
Yellow-vented Bulbul (Pycnonotus goaivier) at Cempedak tree (Artocarpus integer) (Jackfruit)

Bulbul taking the nest material from old nest