18 June 2018

Temerloh Mosque view from Lotus Lake

Not birding for a long time.
Here are the Temerloh Mosque pictures, that I photographed with a hand-phone during recent Hari Raya
I saw a common garden birds;  a pair of White-breasted Waterhen, a flock Common Myna, Juvenile Oriental Magpie Robin, Asian Glossy Starling on electric cable , Spotted Dove, Tailorbird and Tree Sparrow.
Berjogging di Taman Tasik Temerloh, Taman Bandar Temerloh, TAMAN AWAM KUBANG GAJAH, di belakang Waterpark Kubang Gajah. Berhampiran Masjid Baru Temerloh Bukit Angin. 

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