20 April 2019

Common Birds of Srinagar Kashmir

Birding is not my  main activity while traveling in Kashmir. Just a casual observation, and with only wide angle lenses . (17-40mm f4 and 24-70mm f4 Canon lenses).
Here are the common birds around Srinagar town and garden.

Gagak- Jungle Crow foraging in a flowering apple tree.
Tiung - Common Myna
My first lifers was found at the Dal Lake in front if our houseboat - Hooded Crow

Second lifers in the Srinagar Botanical  Garden - Eurasian Jackdaw

Lifer No. 3:  Black Kite

Lifers No 4: Itik -  Little Grebe

 Lifers No 5: Common Moorhen
House Sparrow
Lifer No. 6: Tern
I arrived at the Hazratbal Mosque a few minutes before maghrib /sunset, so all the noisy pigeons are already roosted on  the Chinar trees outside the mosque. .


meintheswim said...

Beautiful scenery and bird pictures.

Anonymous said...

lovely place - hope to visit Kashmir. It it safe there?