23 March 2021

Lama tak hujan - Birding in the rain

 Barn Swallow - juvenile - above and below

Pied Fantail foraging on the Belimbing Buluh tree (Averrhoa bilimbi)
Barn Swallow in Bougainvillea  tree, IN focus above and OUT of focus below.
Canon 5D Mark IV failed to focus on that small plastic pole, but locked into the background flowers.
I have to do the manual focus and wait for the swallow to land.

flock of Bee-eater fly pass 

Oleander (Nerium oleander), - pokok beracun - cardiac glycosides, saponins, digitoxigenin, oleandrin.
Daun pokok ini sangat pahit, jadi kemungkinan untuk termakan  adalah kecil
Pacific swallow on the wire at my backyard

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