12 April 2021

Birding in Malacca mudflat - Shorebirds, waders

My first time photographing the shorebirds. 
Shooting with a short a 400mm lens very far from the hotel room, so pictures are not sharp and big enough for proper identification. Except for crow, egret, lapwing and oriole; those small waders are my first time and I am  clueless about the ID.
After some searched , I found a  A Beginner’s Guide to Wader Identification  - Dig Deep website by  Ornithologist Dave Bakewell, a shorebirds expert. 

This is a general wide angle picture of the mudflat near the Malacca straits, in front of the Mahkota Hotel.

The bird at lower left is probably a common sandpiper, and the next two birds (darker) probably a  Common Redshank.  The top left group are 5 Common Redshanks, and 20 Common Sandpipers.
The birds with elegant longs legs are Black-winged Stilts.
Burung yang santai di atas tanah mungkin  ?Common RedShanks

Black-winged Stilt, fly in unison - my lifer 
The Malacca Straits Mosque
Landing Chinese Egret with ? Black-winged Stilt
House crow
Common RedShanks following House crow, Grey Heron at right corner.
House crow and Red-wattled Lapwings in-flight and two unknown waterbirds (probably a Common Sandpiper)
Grey heron and Lapwings
a flock of house crows
Egret with yellow bill
Classic Chinese cruise ship, or modern jong / Djong. There is a golden dragon emblem at the port bow
Egret with black legs and yellow bill  (?Great Egret or ?Chinese Egret) with  three elegant model Black-winged Stilts
Little Egret flying near a dome of Malacca Straits Mosque.

Two small birds at lower left are probably  a Common Sandpiper

Slow shutter speed - evening in front of the Mahkota Medical Center
This bird I know the ID

Purple heron, not my lifer
landed, waited by two common sandpiper

neck stretches up watching the  Black-winged Stilt fly pass
Black-winged Stilts in flight
Little Egret landing to 11 dancers (Black-winged Stilts)
Mahkota Medical Center in a glow of sunrise 
Sunset at Mahkota Hotel 

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