27 July 2007

Kingfisher and Hornbill

Another 15 minutes of birds photography this morning.
Managed to captured this:
--> White-throated Kingfisher
(Pekaka Dada Putih)
Halcyon smyrnensis

How much I have to crop the original picture below. That the only way to identify it.
With ISO 1600 to maintain the sufficient shutter speed, the final image is very grainy. Can't even see the bird's eyes.
I think 400mm telephoto will solve this issue.
Time for Canon 400mm f5.6 prime "L" lens.
This is what photography forumner called "racun"

Oriental Pied Hornbill
(Anthracoceros albirostris)

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Anonymous said...

Eih, meneropong burung pulak Tabib ....

About my posting selipor baru ku:-

Hahaha! Abeh, kaki orang tua, berurat segala lah. Tabib, jom
bawak family ke Reunion 30 kita kat Balok 8 September 2007. Beritau Idzah or Sher to confirm attendance.

Actually, ingat nak delete balik gambo selipor tu tapi Sher dah
comment, ni you pulak comment. Heh, bior jer lah situ ...