08 April 2008

Myna Fighting

I heard a loud commotion at the dead teak tree (my backyard) while I'm having a breakfast.
Quickly I graped my camera and saw this Javan Myna having a fight among them self.

Apparently two pairs of myna fighting in control of territory.

Two in dogfight and the other one just watched (or maybe a referee)

Hey YOU go away!

The looser flew away.


Kathie Brown said...

Wow, what a fight! How awesome that you caught it on film!

Tabib said...

Hi Katies,

I wish I can visit that wonderful State Park - Patagonia.
Thanks for your kind words.

Elaine @ floridabirder said...

Great shots of a fight in progress! Very hard to do with so much movement going on.

Thank you, too, for visiting my blog and for your complements! I have to ask, how did you know that the photo of the brown pelican was taken with a Kodak Z740???