27 October 2008

Colour of Deepavali Holiday

We have another holiday here in Malaysia - Deepavali, celebrated by Hindus community.
Shrub Verbenas flower - Lantana camara
Bunga Tahi Ayam Lantana camaraMango shoots - Mangifera indica
Young Mangoes' Leaves
Goodluck Plant -Cordyline terminalis
Magenta colored Leaf
Song of India - Dracaena reflexa
Green Leaves
I submited this link at Today's Flower - my first entry there.
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Lana Gramlich said...

Stunning photos, Tabib! Such lovely colors & patterns!

Jan said...

Wonderful flower. I really like the photos of the leaves, too.

Anonymous said...

Love the texture of the leaf..
Nicely done!
thanks for stopping by mine earlier :)

Day4plus said...

Such beautiful colors. Lantana is an annual here where I live. Not warm enough. Thanks for joining in 'flowersfromtoday'. mb

Anonymous said...

Great entry for Flowers for Today. Welcome to a great meme. And I love the leaf photos at least as much. Well done!

Cris said...

Congratulations on your first entry! The pictures are beautiful...

Arija said...

Great set of photos, the leaves are s dramatic!

the scrabbler said...

Tabib, i nak kidnap gambar daun hijau tu.. boleh termimpi-mimpi tuh!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Verbena and flower shots.