25 October 2008

Top Rank Bird Photography during Sultan's Birthday Holiday

Top Rank Kem RaubYesterday was holiday in the state of Pahang here - Sultan Birthday on 24 th October, so I took the opportunity for bird photography at a new location - an outdoor camp site called Top Rank. This camp located about 10 km to the north of Raub Town. School children usually use this site for camping and their extracurricular activities.

Located near the secondary jungle and small lake. Opposite the camp is a large Dragon Fruits (sweet pitayas) farm.

Dragon Fruits Farm

I was surprised to find so many birds here, so I managed to photographed three LIFER today
There are 19 birds perched at this dead tree.
Bird at Top Rank Kem RaubMy first time seeing so many Black-headed Bulbul (Pycnonotus atriceps), perched at a dead tree and at the "Cenderai" tree (Microcos tomentosa) eating the fruits.
Black-headed Bulbul (Pycnonotus atriceps)  Merbak Siam
Eagle and King FisherThis Eagle and KingFisher sharing the tree for a rest, and looking for a prey.
Eagle and King FisherMy LIFER #1; Crested Serpent-Eagle (Spilornis cheela) Helang Kuik, soaring and searching for prey (below)
Crested Serpent-Eagle (Spilornis cheela)Here LIFER #2; Slaty-breasted Rail (Rallus striatus) Burung Sintar, at the edge of the lake.
Very jittery and run away before I could focused my camera properly.
Edit: Smathi Chong send my an e-mail, this could be a Barred buttonquail (Turnix suscitator).
I don't have any good picture to show, so I'm not sure about the ID now.

Slaty-breasted Rail (Rallus striatus) LIFER #3; Cream-vented Bulbul (Pycnonotus simplex) Merbah Siam ,at the "Cenderai" tree (Microcos tomentosa), you can see three green fruits here.
Jungle Bulbul Cream-vented Bulbul (Pycnonotus simplex)Black-headed bulbul (LEFT) and Cream-vented Bulbul (RIGHT)
Black-headed Bulbul (Pycnonotus atriceps)Jungle Bulbul Cream-vented Bulbul (Pycnonotus simplex)

Common bird that can be found every where here, Pacific Swallow (Hirundo tahitica)
Burung Layang-layang Pacific SwallowWild Mushroom
Cendawan Mushroomand finally the Malayan Water Monitor Lizard (Varanus salvator) - 'biawak air' swimming slowly at the lake.
Biawak Air Water monitor Lizard (Varanus salvator)


Jordan Sitorus said...

Congrates! You found yourself another great birding haven.

Amila Suwa said...

Congrats on all those lifers - you have done well to photograph them too. Looks a bountiful harvest.

Unknown said...

That water lizard is so cool!

Anonymous said...

Great shots.
Thanks for share.