31 March 2011

Ugly Broadbill

Dusky Broadbill (Corydon sumatranus)
Location: Japanese Garden, Bukit Tinggi, Pahang.

29 March 2011

Where Have All The Silver Male Gone?

Silver-breasted Broadbill (Serilophus lunatus rothschildi) - female.

I have only seen the female species with silver necklace when I was at Bukit Tinggi 2 weeks ago. Where have  all those male gone?.
Maybe I didn't look hard enough, and focused more on the Blue bird.
Location: Japanese Garden, Bukit Tinggi, Pahang.

26 March 2011

Orange from Bukit Tinggi

Orange-headed Thrush (Zoothera citrina)

Location: Japanese Garden, Bukit Tinggi, Pahang.

23 March 2011

Not a strips show but Pin-striped Tit Babbler

Pin-striped Tit Babbler (Macronous gularis), another hyperactive small bird at Bukit Tinggi.
Not easy to focus and shot the constantly moving stripper. One photographer describes warbler and babbler like an electron circling a nucleus - never stop moving .

Pin-striped Tit Babbler (Macronous gularis)
Location: Japanese Garden, Bukit Tinggi, Pahang.

21 March 2011

Punky bird hairstyles - Ochraceous Bulbul

Ochraceous Bulbul (Alophoixus ochraceus sacculatus ),  in full frame.
Local name;    Merbah Berjanggut meaning bearded bulbul, quite large about 23cm in length.
Merbah Beringin named by  Department of Wildlife and National Park (Perhilitan)
 Ochraceous Bulbul

UPDATE: 21/3/2011 @12.17pm -  Rainfield61 and Thomas mention about  the bird sound.
So, here I got it from Xeno-canto. (call from 2 birds). Maybe this bird mimic the  punky music/song.
Click the button below to hear a Bunyi Merbah Jangut (Ochraceous Bulbul song).
Recordists Nick Athanas from Xeno-canto Asia
Camera Critters
Click the above logo for more Critters.
Location: Japanese Garden, Bukit Tinggi, Pahang.

20 March 2011

Grey-Throated Babblers

This hyperactive Babbler is my second LIFER during my trip at Bukit Tinggi (the 1st is that B&W Flycatcher).

Location: Japanese Garden, Bukit Tinggi, Pahang.

17 March 2011

Major attraction at Bukit Tinggi - Blue & White Flycatcher

This first-winter juvenile male Blue and White Flycatcher  (Cyanoptila cyanomelana), currently is a star attraction at Bukit Tinggi. Bird photographers from as far as Singapore, Penang and even Taiwan came on a weekend here. I'm from Pahang, sure not to miss this beauty.
When I first arrived at 7.30am, this is what I got.
Later, when the lighting gets better, I got much improved shot. This bird is not afraid of photographer and will perch regularly to feed on insects and worms at the Botanical Garden.
The usual resident made their usual appearance and I will post it later.
Location: Japanese Garden, Bukit Tinggi, Pahang.
Have a look for more bird pictures at the Bird Photography Weekly @ Birdfreak.

16 March 2011

Four hours at Bukit Tinggi, Pahang

I have not been to Bukit Tinggi for bird photography for more than a year. My last visit there was in Jan 2010. There was a lot of activity and news and amazing pictures from bird forum and blog about the new migrant birds there.
Busy work schedule and other commitment prevent me from going up there earlier, until this morning. I took half day off and went there for four hours. The Botanical Japanese garden was quiet with only four photographers - Jason Tan, Bernet (?spelling), one Singaporean (forget his name) and myself.
arrived here at 7.15am *(sunrise here)*, and left at  11.00am.

This is what I got. A giant  Longhorn Beetle.(photographed with Nokia N79)
What about birds?.
Too tired to process about 8GB of RAW files.
Location: Japanese Garden, Bukit Tinggi, Pahang.

14 March 2011

Tiung Botak

Bald Myna
Location: My backyard, Raub, Pahang.
 Pic above by: Dave Bakewell, at Sg. Isap, Kuantan

12 March 2011

Forgotten Pictures

These pictures were taken in Dec last year, but I forgot to post it here.

Location: Padang Golf Raub, Pahang.

11 March 2011


I'm not posting about bird today, but the demise of friend and patient.
Cikgu Halim Anuar Isa passed away last night due to IHD.
Cikgu Halim Anuar
Halim Anuar bin Isa (21/9/1965 - 10/3/2011)

semoga rohnya dicucuri rahmat, amin.