06 July 2022

Makanan Murai Kampung - Food of Oriental Magpie-Robin

About three meters from my car park, I saw an active nest on the coconut tree in my neighbor's front yard.
I was unaware of when they constructed the nest. Before I realized this, the female bird flew in with food for the hatchling. From dawn till dusk, the mother brings a variety of snacks at intervals of around ten minutes. She waited on the neighboring pole, tree, and fence instead of bringing the insects directly to the nest. She only flew to the nest when there was no threat in sight
Here are the images while I followed it for two weeks.

Murai Kampung dan belalang. Oriental magpie-robin (Copsychus saularis) and Grasshopper 
flying to feed the chicks

Female Magpie-robin with termite swarmers (kelkatu)

Perches on top of a electric pole with Black and yellow wing dragonfly (Rhyothemis variegata)

jumping from a white wooden fence with a green  caterpillar (Ulat beluncas)

with termite swarmers (kelkatu)

waiting on a white fence with an unknown insect

Perched on a green parameter fence with a lizard / Common house gecko (Hemidactylus frenatus)

waiting on green fence with Paper wasps (angkut-angkut)

Murai makan mengkarung . On old coconut leaves Common garden skink (Lampropholis guichenoti) 

on the blue fence gate with blue dragonfly

on top of an electric pole with the Large Brown mantis (Archimantis latistyla)

unknown green insect

with blue damselfly probably (Euphaea ochracea)

jumping after finding an unknown green insect on the grass

found this house waste from the dustbin

from my two-week observation, only female is working effortlessly feeding the nestling. 

This male I have seen only once when the baby is already fledged. Never seen feeding the baby. 

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