30 November 2009

Birding at Bukit Rengit 2nd day Raya Haji

I took the opportunity of Hari Raya Haji holiday for a short 3 hours birding at Bukit Rengit near Lancang.
Got 2 lifers. (no a good pictures, but enough for my record)
After refering to bird book actually I got 3 lifer, with that Cinnamon-rumped Trogon that I thought as a juvenile Diard's

1. Rufous Piculet (Sasia abnormis)
Rufous Piculet

2. Diard's Trogon (Harpactes diardii) - Female - preening
Female Diard's Trogon - preening

3. Cinnamon-rumped Trogon (Harpactes orrhophaeus) - female

Cinnamon-rumped Trogon
Local name: Kesumba Pelandok

I met veteran birder Mr.Tee Lian Huat aka ATee. that showed me that Diard's.

29 November 2009

Munia on Christmas Bush

Pipit Tuli di atas Pokok Kapal Terbang

White-rumped Munia (Lonchura striata) on Siam Weed (Chromolaena odorata).

White-rumped Munia(Pipit Tuli)

27 November 2009

Selamat Hari Raya Korban - SkyWatch Friday

Selamat Hari Raya Korban

Birds at  Kapok Tree Common Iora

Brown Shrike

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26 November 2009


Blue Dragon
DragonflyIctinogomphus decoratus
DragonflyMacrodiplax-cora - female (above) and male (below)
DragonflyRed Grasshawk - (Neurothemis fluctuans)
Dragonfly Pepatong
Yellow Dragonfly

25 November 2009

Wild Honey Bee Swarm

I found this Bee Swarm at the small forest not far from Raub Magistrate Court, about 30 feet from the road that lead to District Officer house.
This is not a permanent nest, usually disappear within 24 hours. Bee Swarm are usually not aggressive because of no hive and food store to defend.
Wild Honey Bee Swarm -Sarang Lebah

Wild Honey Bee Swarm - Sarang Lebah

24 November 2009

Gold-whiskered Barbet Under the Rain

The heavy rain stopped, but light drizzled continue when this bird suddenly perched on a dead banana leaf about 20 feet from me.
I wish for a better smooth background (bokeh) than that green banana leaf. With the rain and overcast sky, what more you can ask for?.
ISO 400, f5.6, shutter 1/25, EV +1.7, No flash

Gold-whiskered Barbet in the rain
If you look at this picture below, the yellow colour was overexposed - that yellow at the bird's cheek and part of the old banana leaf. The EV + 1 2/3 compensation was too much, but for the bird that perched for a few second, I had no time to view at the camera's histogram to correct the set-up.

Gold-whiskered Barbet in the rain

23 November 2009

Birds in The Rain

I can't go out for birding /photography this weekend because of non stop raining.
The next best thing to do was to wait for bird at my backyard from the window.
This is what I got.

1. Pied Fan-Tail at cloth wire.
Pied FanTail in rain
Pied Fantail (Rhipidura javanica)

2. Tree Sparrow at my neighbor house roof
Tree Sparrow in rain
Eurasian Tree Sparrow (Passer montanus)

3. Javan Myna singing under the rain.
Javan Myna in rain
Javan Myna (Acridotheres javanicus)

22 November 2009

Barn Swallow at Raub JPJ Roof Top

I pass by the JPJ /RTD (Road Transport Department) building every day on the way to work.
Usually a large flock of Tree Sparrow preens and drying their feather on the roof up there.
Yesterday I brought my camera to work and planned to photograph them. It rained all day, so I photographed this from the car . Viewed the image later at home that I realized this was not Tree Sparrow but migrant Barn Swallow.
Barn Swallow at JPJ Raub Building

Barn Swallow (Hirundo rustica)
Barn Swallow
Photographed this later at noon. Notice the raindrops at the electric cable down there.
Barn Swallow

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21 November 2009

Pacific Swallow taking a bath

Photographed this last Saturday evening at a small lake near Raub here.
Initially I thought this bird was catching a fish, but when I checked the pictures later at home no food or fish found at the beak.
When I searched the web, than I knew that this swallow was taking a bath.
Pacific Swallow resting on stick

Pacific Swallow in flight

Pacific Swallow taking a bath

Pacific Swallow, drink and bath on the wing.
Pacific Swallow taking a bath

Pacific Swallow taking a bath

20 November 2009

Fraser's Hill Sky

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Sky Watch LogoGiant Ferns at Telecom Loop /Girdle Road.
Giant Ferns at Fraser's Hill
Pine Tree at Buona Vista.
Pine trees at Fraser's Hill
Morning light at Mager Road.
Fraser's Hill at 8.20am

19 November 2009

Mammals of Fraser's Hill

White-thighed Surili (Presbytis siamensis siamensis)

Himalayan Striped Squirrel
Himalayan Striped Squirrel (Tamiops macclellandi)

18 November 2009

Black-throated Sunbird - Female

Feeding on nectar of Fuchsia flowers.
Black-throated Sunbird - feeding

Black Throated Sunbird (Aethopyga saturata) - female
Black-throated Sunbird -femaleand at Bottle-brush flowers.
Black-throated Sunbird -female

17 November 2009

Fire-Tufted Barbet - Mission Accomplished

There was no rain at Raub for the past two days, I searched at Malaysia Meteorological Department website looking for Fraser's Hill weather. The Sunday was favorable weather (Morning:Cloudy, Afternoon & night:Rain), so I made my 4th trip up there targeting the Fire-Tufted species.

I waited at the bird feeder of Shahzan Hotel as usual, but that feeder seem to be empty (no food or fruit). No bird came in, not even the 'Sky Rat'. I give up after forty-five minutes.
I thought that was another fruitless trip, until I made a hike at Mager Trail.

Saw this at Mager Trail, very far from about 20 meters at a fruiting tree @ 8.20am

Fire-tufted Barbet

Fire-tufted Barbet (Psilopogon pyrolophus)
Fire-tufted BarbetFire-tufted Barbet
It was nearly 11 am when I was about to walk back to my car when I hit a jackpot.
I saw one lonely bird at a very low perched, just above my head - at Valley Road, just at the end of Hemmant Trail.

It stayed there oblivious to my presence and flash light.

Fire-tufted Barbet

It said goodbye to me when my CF card nearly full to the brim. Thank you 'Takur Api' see you again!
Fire-tufted BarbetMy bird pictures quality no way near Con Foley, but I went home very happy for successful Mission Fire-Tufted.
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16 November 2009

Wagtail and Yellow Flowers at Lady Guillemard

My second encounter with the same bird that I posted last week (Bungalow Guard).
This bird apparently stayed at this site - Junction between Lady Guillemard Road, Peninjau Road and Valley Road. It feed on insects that attracted to the street light.
Like last week, it was very obligating and not afraid of my camera and flash light.

Wah Tail on Side MirrorDaylily (Hemerocallis fulva) and Honey bee (Apis sp.)
Flower and BeeMiror miror of the car, who is pretiest of all?
Wag Tail with Car's MirrorSunflowers (Helianthus annuus)
Sun FlowerGrey Wagtail (Motacilla cinerea) looking at an insect (probably a wingless termite soldier, that we called Mengkiak /Cengkiak)
Wag TailMarigold Flowers (Tagetes erecta) - ?Bunga Tahi Ayam
Bunga Tahi Ayam - Yellow Flower
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