31 December 2009

Next year target birds at Fraser's Hill

Good bye 2009, Happy New Year 2010

This is my target Fraser's Hill Birds for 2010.
I had seen the Large Nilvata pair, so hope for improve shot next year.

Fraser's Hill Birds Collage

I got this picture from PhotoMalaysia Bird Forum.

The pictures above are Copyright of the following person;-
Sreedharan G - Sultan Tit
Nelson Khor - Trogon
jhseow - Male Large Niltava
ga_lee - female Large Niltava
Wee Hiang Her - LongTail Broadbill
Lim Kam Su - Blue Nuthatch

30 December 2009

Splash at Gambang Water Park

Not a birds pictures for today posting, but my children enjoying the splash of water during the recent short holiday.

Enjoying the Family Raft Ride

Bukit Gambang Water Splash

6 lanes racer slides. Amir bounced on air, was trying to overtake Firdaus. Nashitah 'crawling' a distant third.

Gambang Water Slide

at the end of Family Raft Ride - what a Splash!

Bukit Gambang Water Park

Amir and Firdaus at the end of Crystal slide

Gambang Water Park Splash

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Water wednesday

29 December 2009

Oiseaux communs d'arrière-cour

Hope I got the right French words here. ;)

Pied Fantail -Backyard variety
Rose des vents pie

Magpie Robin Feeding
Pie orientale Robin - alimentation

Common Bulbul at Backyard
I got three version of translation for this "Yellow-vented Bulbul". Don't know which one is right.
Bulbul Jaune-exhalé, or Bulbul Déchargé de jaune or Jaune-ventilé Bulbul

Common Myna Foraging
Myna Commun

Common Myna Penetrative Vision
Vue Penetrative

28 December 2009

Murai Gila Gunung

Slightly better background than the one that I found in 24th October.

Murai Gila Gunung

White-throated Fantail (Rhipidura albicollis)

Murai Gila Gunung

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27 December 2009

Sunbird Foraging on Banana Leaf

Kelicap Mayang Kelapa

Brown-throated SunBird

Brown-throated Sunbird - (Kelicap Mayang Kelapa)

26 December 2009

Birding at MS Garden Hotel Kuantan

Male Pink-necked Green Pigeon at MS Garden Hotel Kuantan
I was surprised to find this 'Burung Punai' -Pink-necked Green Pigeon (Treron vernans) at the busy area, just outside the MS Garden Hotel swimming pool.
Apparently this bird roost at this "Beremban Bukit' tree - Duabanga grandiflora.

Female Pink-necked Green Pigeon (Treron vernans)
Female Pigeon at 'Jambu Batu' tree - Psidium guajava.
I took this picture from first floor balcony, using towel as a support for my lens.

Glossy Starling and Brown Shrike
This common winter migrant - Brown Shrike, foraging with Asian Glossy Starling at dead tree.

White-Bellied Sea Eagle
Spotted this White-Bellied Sea Eagle very far away, about 1km from the hotel, flew over the Kuantan River.
I also saw Oriental Pied Hornbill not far from the Hotel's car park.

Sea Eagle

25 December 2009

Woodpecker in Red Cap - SkyWatch Friday

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Sepasang Belatuk

Common Flameback (Dinopium javanense) - male sporting the Santa's Red Cap

a pair of woodpecker

24 December 2009

Egret and Heron in Flight

Mix of Heron and Egret in flight
Mix of Little Egrets and Pond Herons in Flight at low Shutter Speed (1/20 second).

Pond Hereon in flight

23 December 2009

22 December 2009

21 December 2009

Myna in Flight - Tiong Jambul

White-vented Myna (Acridotheres grandis)

Javan Myna

Mynas in flight

a Flog of Myna

20 December 2009

Large Niltava and use of Bird Sound

This was my LIFER and target bird for last Friday birding at Fraser's Hill.
My method of bird photography is very simple, walk slowly on a trail and watch for any bird that perch on the branches, but frequently the birds fly away when I stumble upon it.
I never used bird song to lure the bird into view, except this one. The bird was photographed with the help of MP3 song that I downloaded from Xeno-canto Asia.
Download the mp3 file into my iPod nano and attached it to a small portable speaker (Altec Lansing iM207 Orbit).

I heard the song of this Niltava at Maybank Lodge's front gate and played the iPod. The bird called back and suddenly landed on the electric cable. Perched there for a few second, just enough for me to shoot a few frames.
 Than I saw the male perched on a dead ginger plant a few feet away.

The use of of bird sound is frowned upon and discourage. I don't think I distress this bird for about three minute playback and nine minutes of photography. This Niltava is not in endangered or rare, and December is not a breeding season.
There is a lot of discussion in the bird forum about the ethics of using bird sound playback in birding and photographic. In my opinion, limited use that do not repeatedly loop back the song for a long duration with non endangered bird is okay.
In Malaysia, I don't think this will threaten the common bird, but logging, forest clearing and bird poachers are the main culprit.

Large Niltava - female)

Large Niltava (Niltava grandis) -female

Large Niltava (Niltava grandis)- male

male species

Large Niltava (Niltava grandis) -male

Click for the Song (taken from Xeno-canto Asia; recorded by Nick Athanas)

iPod Nano with Potrable Speaker
iPod Nano 3rd generation silver 2GB with protective cover and Altec Lansing iM207 Orbit Portable Speaker
Bird Song Hardware
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19 December 2009

Lucky 18 - Green Magpie

I went to Fraser's Hill again yesterday, took the opportunity of public holiday of Maal Hijrah (1st day of Islamic Calender).
I was late, arrived at the Jelai Resort at 7.30am. The weather was cloudy and misty.
Met an English couple birder there. They had been there since 7.0am waiting for this green bird.
They told me that the street lamps at that resort was not on, so no insects to attract the birds. As luck was with us, the green bird appeared with a bird wave at 7.35am. I took a few shots without flash, (can't use it in the cloudy misty condition). The couple was very satisfied with the great view, and went birding to another location after saying bye-bye to me.

Only when the pictures were downloaded at the computer, that I realized the bird was at the same perch as at 18 October 2009.
I don't believe in number that are lucky or otherwise, but this number 18 will always be in my mind for those beautiful Green Magpie.

Green Magpie - Lucky 18

Green Magpie

This was photographed on October 18. If you don't believe me please view the EXIF data. ;)

Magpie Robin

18 December 2009

Changeable Hawk Eagle - Helang Hindek

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Helang Hindek

Helang Hindek - Changeable Hawk Eagle (Spizaetus cirrhatus)

Helang Hindek

A dark morph adult in flight

Padang Golf Raub

This is the place where I got that Hawk Eagle, Raub Golf Course. Perched on top of the dead tree.